It’s about taking a fall

I know you’d rather see me gone than to see me the way that I am,
But I am and no life anyway,

Other Stuff

October 7, 1998
Decent day… nothing really interesting. Wrote some pretty good stuff that I’ll post probably tomorrow on the entry page. It kind of explains my reasons for doing this, I think. By this I mean, keeping this “journal” online.

To further convince you of my asshole-ness… today after Angie and I walked out to my car in the parking lot (my locker), we went back to the cafeteria… I didn’t want to buy her lunch. Hell, I feel guilty buying anything now. I went to the record store after school to look at the new Hole CD and at a Miles Davis CD, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy either because I want to save up in order to help my parents after we move. And, anyway, I might need all the money I can get to pay that bitch in Biloxi if she wins the lawsuit. So… we walk back into the cafeteria and I see Josh sitting at a table… I’m following Angie, letting her go down the aisle first… and I see Josh, so I just pull over and sit down beside him. She doesn’t even notice. Keeps on walking. Didn’t even look back. After I talk to Josh for a little while I stand up and look for her, but I can’t find her… and I should be able to because she was wearing an orange Panama t-shirt. So, bleh. Later she says she just went and worked on her accounting homework by herself. Sure to emphasize the “by myself”… like I’m supposed to do her homework for her. Bulllllllshit. There’s a lot of stuff you don’t understand about our “relationship” and I can’t put it on my webpage because it is potentially damaging to her. I know she doesn’t care about her reputation, but I don’t want to be the cause of any future harm to her. So if you wanna know, just email me. I’ve told most everybody … all my friends, I mean. Basically, it’s the reasons that I’m not interested in her sexually. I mean, she’s pretty, but I wouldn’t have sex with her. I wouldn’t have sex with anyone. Not until I find the one anyway.

Maybe there isn’t the one… I’ll settle for close.

And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

Oh, after school today I went to Circuit City (because they have cheaper priced CDs) and Hastings. Hastings has a really great magazine collection… so I spent a lot of time looking through the painting, art, photography, and graphic design mags. I’m on this really great visual kick. It’s hard to expain. Lately I’ve just been all about loving the visual aspects of things, though. Then I looked around at books for a while and then CDs. Didn’t buy anything, like I said earlier, because I felt guilty.

The Don Armstrong campaign finally has their signs out. The closer to downtown you get the more (and the bigger) signs there are. I don’t know why they don’t just completely blanket the expressway with them. May not be legal, I don’t know. It’s good to finally see some Democratic signs out, though. The Republicans had a monopoly. There’s a convenience store empire in Killeen owned by a guy named Mickey (and hence all his convenience stores are “Mickey’s”), he bought up nearly every corner in the town and planted a convenience store there. Well, it seems he’s only letting Republicans use his land to put signs up. That really sucks.

To vent at you to oblivion, it’s easy to do,
And I try to leave but you know me I come back when you want me to.
Do you miss me, miss misery like you say you do?

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