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Sleeping on the White House lawn ain’t never changed a thing
Look at all the washed out Hippie dreams

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October 1, 1998… A New Month.
Arrived at school on time. Fed Alka-Seltzer to the birds with friends before the first bell.

First Period Math.
Discussed profanity, its use in comedy, safe sex, the abundance of STDs in Killeen, 14-year olds blowing people away and being sent to state prison, a person’s perception of us and how we can affect that person’s perception, masters of the obvious, “peace, love, war, and dope”, the ’80s, lack of legal activities for teens to partake in, goals in life, America: The Melting Pot, the 57 different dialects spoken in Killeen, sports versus academics, obstacles in learning, respect being a two-way street, work versus school, lack of teachers, finals, sexual harassment, hormones, sexual peaking in males and females, etc. Keep in mind this discussion was completely teacher-led. Teacher also told us about how when he was in high school in Germany in the mid-Eighties there were bars on the windows and armed military guards posted at all the entrances. Students were made to show their military ID to enter school and all were searched. Two M1A1 tanks sat in the middle of the soccer field outside. This was all shortly after the United States bombed Libya.

Second Period American Government.
Crammed for test. Angie asked me out to lunch, her treat. Of course, I accepted. Took test. Discussed local politics with Government teacher. Remind me to find out how one becomes a delegate at one of the parties’ national conventions and how to become an elector in the Electoral College.

This is where things get hairy. I don’t know how to explain it, really. I was pretty much an asshole. We both made jokes about my attitude and her attitude lately, too. Of course, she has “girl problems” to blame her bitchy-ness on. We eat in the parking lot of Wendy’s in my car since the restaurant is so crowded. Just joking around and shoving food into our mouths. She keeps asking me about religions. Her boyfriend is a Wiccan. Anyway, we were talking and she said that I’d probably never get along with her boyfriend, that him and I would always have to debate about religions or some nonsense and how guys are always like that. I tried to get her to understand that I wouldn’t debate a damn thing with a guy who got kicked out of the Army for striking a superior officer. She tells me that the rose I bought her was the only thing she’d ever received from a guy for no reason. Spontaneously. Later, some time during all this she showed her appreciation for me bringing her to Wendy’s for lunch – she burped. A big honking one. She said, “How do you like my mating call?” I said something like, “Oh. Very nice. Just beautiful. I’m sure you attract a lot of upper class guys with that one.”
She laughed at that, and then started talking about how I’d want to debate her boyfriend again or something. She said that her boyfriend and I would probably never like each other and I said, “Yeah, you’re probably right. We never will like each other.” She asks why. “Because I’m jealous.” She asks why again. “Because I don’t have a girlfriend with such a great mating call.” Whew. Good save, huh?
We get back to school and we’re sitting in the cafeteria talking. I’m being a real ass now. My motive for being such an ass is that hopefully she’ll decide I’m such an ass that she doesn’t want anything to do with me, which lets me off the hook. I won’t have to end the “relationship.” So we’re sitting there talking about what we’re going to do this weekend. She’s going to a party with her boyfriend where there will be female strippers. She says, “I think this is going to be a very boring weekend for me.” I say, “It’s your own fault.” Her, “Why? I’m tired of guys telling me it’s my own fault. Why?” Me, “You pick the wrong guys.” Followed by about three seconds of direct eye contact for what feels like thirty seconds. Anyway, I piss her off right before the bell rings for third period, and we part ways on the way to class.

Third Period English IV.
Watch more of MacBeth. Take notes, etc.

Fourth Period World Geography.
Not a damn thing happens. We study France and Germany and listen to idiots who’ve been to Germany ask whether or not it’s in Central Europe. Also get to hear stories from my teacher who is retired Air Force, one of the few in Killeen other than my dad, talk about going into Communist-controlled East Berlin in the mid-Eighties. The East German soldiers beat on their Mercedes trying to intimidate the American officers, all of which were uniformed but were made to remove their name tags at Checkpoint Charlie. Had they exited the vehicle and one of the German soldiers touched them, he said, it would have been an International Incident and bad stuff would have happened. The Cold War was cool like that. He also advised us to keep an eye on Kosovo.

A television war between the cynics and the saints
Flip the dial and that’s whose side you’re on


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