September 25, 1998

I had something I wanted to tell you… but I can’t remember now. Just returned from the Bell County Democratic Headquarters. Volunteered. Printed out ten copies of the Democratic Party Platform. Picked up three Democrat Election signs. Put them up in my yard during the rush hour at the school across the street. Timing. Good exposure. The Democrat Nominee for Texas Governor, Garry Mauro, is coming to town in early October. The Bell County Democratic Party Chairperson is going to talk to one of the principals at my school about letting me attend the activities that day since he’ll only be in town during school hours. She’s also going to talk to my Government teacher. I had already told him I was going to work on the campaigns, though. He’s a Republican.

Both Party Headquarters are in Belton, which is about ten minutes from my house. As I drove down Central Avenue in Downtown Belton, I saw the Republican Party Headquarters and bad thoughts started creeping into my head:

Bells on the door announce my arrival in the gigantic Bell County Republican Headquarters. I glance around nervously. I feel a bad case of The Fear coming on. I hear someone hang up a phone toward the back of the storefront office.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes… I was wondering if you could tell me where the Democratic Party Headquarters is.”

“What was that?”

“Do you know where the Democratic Party Headquarters is located? I heard it was som–…”

“Get out! Marge, bring me my shotgun! Out! Out!”

“Sir… sir, calm down… sir…”

Fortunately, I didn’t do that. I asked a meter-maid instead. The Democratic Party Headquarters is in a run-down officefront in Downtown Belton. The roof leaks, and the office is squeezed between a barbershop and a restaurant, but it’s home. The Republican Party pays $1000 a month for their Headquarters, the Democratic Party only pays $350. See, we’re already curbing spending. When I arrived at the Democratic Headquarters, I met the County Chairwoman. I made ten copies of the Democratic Party Platform for her. Learned a lot about Texas politics while I was there. The fall of the Texas Democratic Party because of apathy and laziness among the members. She said when she first moved to Bell County, no one would even admit to being a Republican. And now the state hasn’t voted Democrat in a presidential election since 1976 and the whole state government is Republican just about. Pretty sad.

Anyway… I found out why I had been being “ignored” by Angie. One of her good friends was moving to Houston. So now he’s gone and I’ve been taking her to lunch everyday. I bought her a rose at lunch today. I want to be like this great guy to her. She’s been hurt, made a lot of wrong mistakes before, and I just want to be a better mistake, I guess. Even though she’s going out with another guy right now… I feel like I have a chance. Maybe not. But we’ve talked a lot about her boyfriend. She’s really great to talk to. She’s smart… We’ve talked about the definition of Love, God… everything. It’s like talking to close friends of mine right now. Lets see if it lasts. I hope so. We’ll see.

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