September 22, 1998


The world must be coming to an abrupt end soon. Scary half-demons/half-man creatures are roaming the Earth suddenly. The line has been drawn in the sands of Hell. A friend of mine at school dyed his hair with a wide horizontal streak of red over the weekend. His reason? To find out who his real friends are. Don’t ask. Beats the hell out of me.

I bought a new CD today. David Garza. This Euphoria. What prompted me to buy it? Well, I had heard his name thrown around a lot on, but never really heard his music till this morning. On the way to drop my sister off at school his song, “Discoball World” came on the radio from a station in Bryan/College Station. 103.9 FM was the station. It’s weird, but my car doesn’t pick that station up very well. It’s like it comes through mono on my car stereo. Beats me. Anyway, “Discoball World” is a very good song. As are all the songs on this CD. I think ifMaria bought it, Garza might actually take Third Eye Blind’s place in her CD player.

Maria has a beautiful name, by the way. Maria Diaz. There’s something about it. I think it’s the abundance of the letters “a” and “i”, but I’m not sure. It’s just right.

Anyway, as I was checking out, I started talking to the guy at the counter at Renaissance Records about the Seven Mary Three and Feeder show in Killeen next week. Of course, it’s 21+ unless you bring a parent. He said that that’s pretty ridiculous because in Texas a parent can take their fourteen year old kid to a bar and buy the kid a drink and sit there with them and let them drink it. But an eighteen year old can’t get into the damn concert without a parent. Fortunately, this is only one venue. Not all live music venues in Texas are like that.

I really like Renaissance Records. There’s something about it’s smell and the creaking of the wood floors. It’s great. I can’t exactly describe the smell. I like it, though. It always seems like they have Creed or something of that genre playing whenever I enter, though. Which isn’t bad or anything. And they have these old wooden floors that give way under your feet when you walk. Great. Absolutely. They also have probably the best selection of music new and used anywhere in Killeen. I bought Pearl Jam’s newest CD Yield from them a couple of months ago, when the CD was still new, as a used. Saved about seven or eight bucks on it. Good deal. Hell, they even gave us refunds when we got kicked out of the Coal Chamber/Sevendust concert earlier this summer. The story behind that is this:

We get there. I’m standing in line with a bunch of “friends.” A storm blows up. It’s raining and hailing. They’re still not opening the doors. We’re soaked. Still not opened. We’re freezing. Still not open. Finally they open the doors and we get inside. There were three bands before the headliner, Coal Chamber. Each band decided to take about an hour in between to set up. So, by Texas Law, all minors must be out of bars at like midnight or something. So along comes midnight and all the bands are done playing… except Coal Chamber, whom we’re still waiting to take the stage. Now, mind you, the last band had quit playing forty-five minutes before. So, anyway, we get kicked out. Which doesn’t really bother me because my friends had coaxed me into the mosh pit and were about to give everybody a serious beating. You know, use the mosh pit as a vehicle to release their aggression against supposed friends. So, we get kicked out. Go to Renaissance Records the next day, where we bought the tickets, and they gave us FULL refunds even though we’d seen three out of the four bands. Pretty cool of them, I think. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the Sevendust frontman saying, “Let’s break this mothafucka down!” and start tearing apart the stage. And then he said, “Who’s gonna get me high tonight!? Guess I’ll have to come down there and get the herb for myself!” and then stage-dive. One of the funniest things, and one of the things my friends and I still make fun of is Mike. While we were standing in line some guy gave him the rest of this forty, only a few swallows left. So, he proceeds to drink it right there in line. A couple of minutes later he says, “Duuuude, I think I’m getting a buzz.” And the rest of our friends look at each other and just give each other looks like, “Oooookay.” I swear to your God. And if Mike even SMELLS weed, he starts to get high. Oh well. If that’s your bag… that’s your bag.

All crushes are off.

I lost god, I found you

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