September 20 ,1998

After checking the side effects my wisdom tooth pulling Friday night – a swollen cheek (pain!) and the loss of the ability to open my mouth wide enough to insert a sandwich – in the mirror, I stood over the toilet and released harmful body waste into the septic system of Our Fair City. Which isn’t all that surprising of a place to think of a subject such as the one that came to mind. This whole Clinton Presidency Crisis thing is probably the most ridiculous and important thing to hit the Office of the President since Good Ole George marched us off to fight that Iraqi Boy, Saddam Hussein. Is there anything left to save Clinton now short of a rash of alien abductions hitting the Judiciary Committee? Welfare Reform? Nope. Flammable kids’ pajamas? Not a chance. Most likely another run-in with Saddam won’t even save Clinton now, but it just might buy him some time; if not enough leverage to barely stay in Office for the rest of his term. The only clear way I can see for the President to gain any support would be to take a strict Foreign Policy approach now. By turning the world’s – and more importantly, the Nation’s – attention to problems abroad, he takes the focus off his domestic problems, and also shows that he’s still The Most Powerful Man in the World and a force to be reckoned with. Clinton has always been wishy-washy on the Foreign Policy front, and now is a better time than ever to step up and prove he’s got the balls to beat Saddam into submission and chastise any move the Russians make toward a controlled economy. By backing down from this most recent challenge thrown down by the Iraqi Boy, Clinton is beginning to look like a bigger loser than any of us originally thought. He’s performing perfectly the downward spiral of a President going under. We can’t afford a President who is willing to standby while the horrible anti-climax of our relationship with Iraq takes place. And after that terrible showing in Russia last month, the United States leadership can’t be weighed down on the Russia issue by straddling the fence. We must declare on which side of the line we stand once and for all. Either they come to us or we come for them. Either way it’s going to be a tricky and hurt-filled situation for Russia, and reneging on their capitalist plans now won’t help the pain any. These are only two monster issues on the world stage right now. Middle East peace talks have once again stalled for Israel and the Palestinians; Iran and Afghanistan are gearing up to destroy each other. What are we doing? We’re worrying about whether or not our President lied about his sex life under oath. If he committed anything impeachable under the Constitution he must face the consequences, but until the decision on that comes we cannot let the U.S. clout in world affairs diminish through lack of nurture. Bill Clinton is in fight mode, but he’s got to fight the battles that matter and that he and the American people can win.

We might as well also resign ourselves to the fact that as long as the economy doesn’t sour too bad, we’ll be stuck with Clinton till the end; because, as James Carville said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” We don’t have a Congress with the integrity to impeach a popular President, I’m afraid. No matter how wrong the polls may be.

The weird thing is that my initial purpose in writing this was to make clear the historical importance this Presidential Crisis will have, but everyone already knew that anyway.

September 19, 1998

Recent CD purchases:

Jimi Hendrix, “Electric Ladyland”

Barenaked Ladies, “Stunt”

Third Eye Blind, “Third Eye Blind”

Joe Cocker, “Greatest Hits”

Recent book purchases:

Fear and Loathing:  On the Campaign Trail ’72 by Hunter S. Thompson

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

Planned CD purchases:

Harvey Danger


Cowboy Mouth

Seven Mary Three

Marilyn Manson


Planned concert ticket purchases:

Seven Mary Three and Feeder at Sandy’s in Killeen

Most awaited film release:

What Dreams May Come

Best response in a politically-oriented discussion recently:

Opponent:  “I think by teaching sex education in school we’re telling kids that it’s okay to go out and have sex.”

Me:  “We teach about the Holocaust in school, too, but we’re not telling kids to go out and kill Jews.”


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