August 16, 1998

The first week of school is over. Wasn’t too bad. I’ve got some cool people in my classes.

I’m being sued by one of the ladies (Miss Alicia Brown) in the Biloxi wreck who is claiming personal injury a month and a half after the fact. This may cure my love for that town. After being charged out the ass for towing, etc., the Biloxi Police Department taking an inaccurate accident report, and now being sued by some idiot Coast resident I’ve about decided the area’s filled with hillbilly, money-grubbing, scumbags. The whole thing is: I hit my friend, who, allegedly, hit her. Now, here’s the thing, she ran into the barrier, which started the accident. Supposedly, my friend was able to stop in time and I ran into him, causing him to run into her. Now, from what I remember, my friend never hit her. There was cero damage to his vehicle on the left side. I remember this because we were laughing about the fact that the police report essentially had his vehicle breaking into two pieces and simultaneously hitting a truck in the right lane and hitting Brown’s car which was against left bridge barrier. Who the fuck knows? Anyway, this prompted me to get out the legal books and I’ve decided our best bet, if our insurance company doesn’t settle out of court, would probably be to claim comparative negligence. Which would basically say, we were both driving negligently, and it was both of our faults that she got hurt, but one person’s more than the other’s. I mean, how can she prove that it was my fault she’s hurt? Maybe she got hurt when she ran into the bridge barrier. I didn’t cause that. Her own bad driving caused that. My bad driving, supposedly, caused my friend to run into that back of her. But how can she prove it wasn’t her initial impact with the barrier that caused her injuries? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care. I will be forced to carpet bomb the City of Biloxi, Ocean Springs, and Gulfport if she walks away with any money from this suit.

Anyway, “Fuck all this.” Nothing else has really happened this week. I showed off a bit of my political knowledge in Government class, mainly about the Clinton scandal. Everyone else had fallen into the trap of believing that the investigation was about whether or not Clinton dropped his pants in the Oval Office, not whether or not her committed perjury, so I had to correct them on that, which made at least one guy change his mind from thinking it’s none of our business to thinking Clinton deserves impeachment if he is found guilty of committing and/or encouraging perjury. This wasn’t my intention, but, so be it. Kind of looking forward to tomorrow’s testimony, although I doubt much will really come of it.

This is me signing off.

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