My First Published Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor of The Sun Herald in Biloxi, Mississippi, published on July 19, 1998.

This letter is in response to William Clay Caldwell’s June 28 letter titled, “Lott’s opinion shared by most Americans.”

Mr. Caldwell begins his letter by stating that the majority of the American public believes homosexuality is a sin.  Has he done conclusive research to make such a statement?  If so, I’d like this information forwarded to me at once.

Every person I’ve asked their opinion on homosexuality has responded that they believe in the freedom of a person to choose their own sexual orientation.  This may be because I now live in a much more liberal state – the wonderful state of Texas – where people are much more accepting to such “radical” ideas.

Later, Mr. Caldwell writes, “Although the offense is only rarely prosecuted, it remains on the books as an expression of the sane majority’s moral standards.”  It, the sane majority, once chose as its expression of moral standards to keep the black race in chains.  Were they right, too?

Mr. Caldwell continues, “It is a disgrace that Bill Clinton, the media, academic elites, and Hollywood are doing everything within their power to destroy our traditional American family values.  They are ignorant and biased.”

Yes, you’re right.  It is a disgrace to have such open-minded institutions and leaders in today’s America.  Let’s throw the chains around anyone who thinks differently from the uneducated, narrow-minded, “sane” majority you so happily say agree with your opinions on the subject of homosexuality and free will.

If it is a disgrace to have leaders who are striving to educate and open the minds of the masses, let me be the first to be stoned to death.  No matter how big the state of Mississippi’s budget surplus is, it will never move up in the eyes of the Nation until its historic and current biases are removed.

Judgement is a flaw the mind can do without.


Killeen, Texas


I received a lot of positive feedback regarding this letter.  Both from family and friends, residents of Mississippi Gulf Coast, and beyond.  Although I was automatically classified as being gay by most of the people on the Coast who wrote me, trust me, I’m not.

Since the publication of the above letter, I’ve seen at least one other letter published in The Sun Herald written by Mr. Caldwell.  In that letter, he also blasted gays and showed his unwillingness to open his mind to opinions other than his own.  This makes me wonder if his hatred is isolated only to homosexuals or if he hates women, children, and dogs, too.

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