July 8, 1998

July 8, 1998
I originally set out in this Thought to tell you what I want in a girl, but, as it turns out, there’s just too much to list. And, anyway, every girl is different – there is no set of standards that any one girl could fit. I find what I want in a girl through finding what she has about her that attracts me to her. I don’t list what I like and then expect a girl to fit that description. Instead, I find a girl I like and, oftentimes, find something totally new that I like about her that I’d have never thought of to put on a list. What I’m saying is, if I like a girl, I like her – that’s the point. One of the most attractive features of a girl is her differences and individual quirks. Now if only I could find a girl who found my quirks attractive.
I don’t know if I’ve written this here before, but let me say it here again for the first time – a place is made by its people. I hear a lot of people saying they’d like to live in New York City or Venice. Not because they’ve been there or have firsthand knowledge of the area, but instead because the place looks pretty in pictures. Most places do.
A great man once said, “All destinations that are not our own seem romantic.” It is also true that many places seem attractive on first viewing, but after living in a place for a while and learning more about its fundamental and important characteristics (usually not included on tours) you learn that a place is not what it seems in picture and travel magazines.
That’s why, when you hear me or Dane talking about how great a place Biloxi is, and then you hear other people say, “Oh, its a great place… if you like to gamble” you have to understand the difference between first impressions and actual knowledge of a place’s basic, complex attributes. It’s the people that make a place. Not the architecture or the greenspace or the museums or the beach or the hotel accomodations. The people.
As one travel writer once said, “For me, [Biloxi] was kind of amore at first sight, but I keep finding these endearing little qualities that build a relationship.”
I recently bought Frank Sinatra’s It Might As Well Be Swing album. It’s been in my compact disc player on continuous play for three days.
I’ll be out of town – in San Antonio – with Dane till Sunday. See you all then.

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