July 7, 1998

July 7, 1998
I think I’ve met more hypocrites this year than any other year. Maybe not. But this is the first year I’ve known enough to separate real people from their superficial counterparts. First there is the girl who hang upside-down flags on her wall, but when questioned as to why she hates the United States says, “I just don’t like the way we let everyone in.” It’s always a good idea to go from the particular to the general like that. Another is the guy I wrote about earlier here, who thinks he is the next Hitler. Another is the teacher who preached the lack of education in America’s education system, but who never actually taught his subject – chemistry. I could go on and on. I’m sure I’m a hypocrite, too. As people have pointed out to me before, a few publicly recorded in my Feedback section.
I just want to enter my opinion on the whole Baptist-women-are-to-serve-their-men thing. If you believe that, you are not a Christian. Do I really need to back this up?
Women are great. Especially those few that you actually connect with.

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