June 13, 1998

I just finished watching the movie “In the Company of Men” which tells the story of two men, Chad and Howard, who feel they’ve been wronged by women. To restore “dignity” to their lives, they decide to woo a girl for the six weeks they are out of town on business together and then both dump her immediately before leaving. This “game” is Chad’s idea and Howard only half-heartedly agrees to go along with him. The lady they set their sights on is Christine, a deaf typist who works in their office. In the end, Christine falls in love with Chad who is still playing the game and Howard falls in love with Christine. The point of the “game” was to hurt the girl, but, as shown in the end, the one who is hurt is Howard who returns home with nothing. Chad, the sadistic asshole, already has a girlfriend at home, and therefore feels little or no remorse. Howard, on the other hand, is becoming sick, physically, for his role in the “game.” When he returns to Christine to try and tell her how he feels, she won’t listen.
I cannot imagine anyone doing this to a woman. I could never do that. I once knew a girl who was blind. The feats she accomplished were amazing. She played saxophone in the marching band. She couldn’t read music; she learned the music by ear. It was fun talking to her, she didn’t judge you by your appearance. She only knew whether you were nice to her or not. I’d have kicked anyone’s ass who made fun of her. Now she’s attending Auburn University in Alabama and planning to become a high school science teacher. I can’t convey the hatred I feel for people like those in “In the Company of Men.”
My rating: ***** (five stars)
The entire movie, in a technical sense, is simple. The director used mainly master shots, and rarely cut to closeups which would have increased splicing time (putting the sound and video together to move together smoothly).

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