May 5, 1998

I met this girl, and I really like her. I mean, I hurt I like this girl so much. She misses her ex so much and it hurts to hear her say that, for two reasons. One is selfish: because she’s not saying it about me. The second isn’t: Because she’s hurting. She doesn’t see how much I like her. She doesn’t feel the hurt I feel when I don’t get to talk to her. She doesn’t stay up at night thinking about me, as I do her. I think about her all day, too. I enjoy her company so much. She’s so beautiful, and smart, and everything I could ask for in a girl. The only problem, when it comes to the love I feel for her, she’s blind. She can’t see what I feel for her. And she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say about my love for her. If she ever reads this, which she probably won’t, but on the off chance that she does, I think I love you. Give me a chance.

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