May 21, 1998

I find it funny how people can bash government and the law, when the long-arm of the law is the only thing keeping them from being loaded with drugs and unable to hold a clear thought in their mind.
These same people are the people who support a communist/socialist government, but don’t truly understand the consequences of their allegiance. The first consequence being that you must be able to defend your standing. When it comes to government policy and political science, “because I said so,” doesn’t hold water.
I have met numerous people within the last school year who support yet do not understand socialism, communism, or anarchy. One of the most famous being a student in my communications graphics class who proclaimed anarchy his religion. To which I replied, “So, what you’re saying is: Your religion is that you don’t support and kind of government?” He cocked his head at me, smiled blankly at me, and nodded his head yes.
I currently have a “friend” who is filling out an application for a leadership academy. He is surely a leader, albeit only to a stoned and stupid group of high school students. He believes Hitler was the greatest leader of the twentieth century, but does not understand that Hitler only gained his power by making false promises. Hitler did not industrialize Germany through authoritarian socialism as authoritarian communism did Russia. I will concede, Hitler did improve Germany’s economy slightly through work programs which virtually mirrored those taking place in other countries at that time during the Depression.
This same friend has, when called an idiot for supporting Hitler’s politics and actions during the war, said that it’s not about the Jews or Hitler, but instead about the politics. I find this funny. Through my conversations with him he has clearly demonstrated he doesn’t understand Hitler’s politics or any others’. He says he believes authoritarian socialism will unite the world and “fill in the gaps” of capitalism, but what he really believes in is an authoritarian socialist society where he is dictator. There is an impressive difference between the world being controlled by one person and being the one person controlling the world.
Most foundations of a government are usually well-thought out, this friend’s is not. If he does not know and understand the platform on which he is building, how can we expect him to think through the implications and processes of his socialist society?
One of the first and most obviously uneducated beliefs he has communicated to me is that this change from a capitalist democracy to an authoritarian socialist society will happen overnight. He seems to believe that one night he will go to bed and the next morning the world will have been left in a bottle on his doorstep. A dramatic change such as that does not occur overnight. The free world will not bow to a German-born, Nazi-sympathizing, high school student willingly.
I could go on and on about this ignorance. Socialism may be a great system of government on paper, but in practice, who will be the trashmen? Unless, of course, we’re talking about authoritarian socialism where the government will choose who will be the garbage collector, the mechanic, the teacher, the scientist… for the “welfare of the people.”
In closing, most people who have read anything about Marx know that authoritarian socialism was only to be a stepping stone to a society without government. Marx predicted that the people would not go willingly to a socialist lifestyle from their previous capitalist ways, therefore government power would be seized by the working class, who would steer the people toward socialism until the point where no government was needed. My “friend” doesn’t know that and probably wouldn’t understand it.
Please, people, I beg of you to, please, study history and politics before proclaiming your allegiances and/or yourself supreme ruler of the world.

And take those upside-down American flags off your walls, you hypocrites!

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