May 14, 1998

The end has come. Yes, today is the day. The last episode of NBC’s hit sitcom about nothing, “Seinfeld”, airs tonight. Doesn’t really bother me. I’ve never really watched the show all that much anyway. Matter of fact, I don’t watch much TV at all. I watch the news every morning but lately I’ve been ignoring that, too, because it’s all about Clinton and his alleged affairs. Other than the mornings when I watch the news, I watch about an hour of TV a week. Which is wasted watching that depressing and depressingly unrealistic show “Dawson’s Creek.” What do I do when I’m not watching TV, the American sedative? I’m either out with friends or online with friends. Or reading a book, writing, being totally depressed over the future and our inability to prioritize correctly. Jerry Seinfeld, an actor, made $22 million dollars last year. My mom, a fourth grade teacher, made $23,000 last year. Where does importance lie? In entertainment or education? But lets change the subject before I get started on that…
To give you an idea about how out of hand this Seinfeld finale thing has gone: Tonight there is a Ben Folds Five concert in Austin, of course even live acts don’t want to challenge the Seinfeld powerhouse, so they are going to lower huge theater-size screens and play the show before the concert, and even serve popcorn. The fact that they are stopping a concert for the show is only as weird as the fact that the show is being played on the big TV screen in New York City’s Time Square. Entertainment, I tell ya.
I heard there was a big taxi strike in New York City yesterday. That must have been hell… or heaven for New Yorkers. I wouldn’t know, us normal people don’t rely on cabs much, we own cars. Although I do respect the hacks. A hack is four times as likely to be killed than a police officer. They deserve respect. They risk their lives for transportation… and money.
There was a haze all over my city yesterday, and it is still here today. Smoke from forest fires burning in Mexico has been drifting over Texas the last few days. Now, Texas is a big state. I wasn’t expecting the smoke to get this far north, I figured, at most, the smoke might reach San Antonio (which is in Texas, for those of you who don’t know!), but apparently the clouds of smoke and haze have reached as far north as the Texas-Oklahoma border.

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.”

By the way, I’m over that girl I wrote about earlier.

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