April 4, 1998

I don’t understand girls. One minute they’re being as nice as I could ever hope for and I’m thinking, maybe there’s something here. The next minute, they’re being mean as a gangsta with worse shoes than myself. Nothing has changed, I haven’t changed, but yet they have, in a matter of seconds.

I was requested by Dead Nuggets Dish to write a track by track review of their new album, Lotushead. What follows is the review I sent to them earlier today.

Dead Nuggets Dish

Review By: William Odis Pate II
Killeen, Texas

Track 1: Great song. Great guitar solo. With more airplay, this could be your first hit. Really caught me, made me want to listen to more of the CD.
Track 2: The beginning’s a little harder than my tastes. Catchy lyrics and tune. Like I said in the beginning, it’s a little heavier than my tastes, and I think you work better with softer (but not TOO soft) songs. Like “Drive-bys of the Day.”
Track 3: The beginning (solo) moves into the the rest of the song beautifully. Wonderful music on this song. The singing is really weird in this song. It sounds like he’s saying, “Little Baton Rouge…”, but the liner says he’s saying, “Little Ballerinas…” Now, this is just a suggestion, but he may want to try to sing this one straight. Without the choppiness, for lack of a better word. The choppiness is good in most of your songs, and actually draws me to your originality in that area. But some songs just don’t work well with it, I guess. Again, just a suggestion.
Track 4: Short. Nice mix of hard and soft. Got me singing, “Who hired the clown?”
Track 5: This song is really weird. Sounds like the background music to a movie. That’s not a bad thing.
Track 6: Sounds like the beginning of an old Metallica song. Music is great in this song. I really like the times you speed up. Can barely understand the singing, though.
Track 7: Works well, almost like the first track. Nice blending of the guitar work and singing, really fits well together in this song. Nice trumpet work. Really enjoy this song.
Track 8: Were you high? Great song!
Track 9: Beautiful beginning. Nice song.

I’ve talked to a few friends about what they want most out of music right now. Most of them want meaning. A story in the song. Something that means something to them. I think you’re music gives that when you read the liner. The only problem is that no one can understand what is being sung on most of these tracks. The guitar work and percussion are wonderful, but the lack of audience understanding of the singing hurts the work overall. I just think that if some of the songs were sung a bit more clearly, your music would find a wider audience. I love your music just the way it is, but many people I’ve talked to don’t like the fact that they can’t understand the words.

Good work, you guys! Thanks for creating something totally different and wonderful for Non-Top 40 Fools, like myself, to listen to.

William Odis Pate II

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