April 28, 1998

Been a long time since I’ve written anything here. I’m only writing this now because I’m grounded tonight. My mom asked what was at my friends’ houses that wasn’t here, and why I didn’t bring them over here. I told her that I didn’t have her to fight with at their houses. So she grounded me for the night. Just goes to show you that sometimes the truth can hurt not only the person who’s being told it, but the sender, too.
Mostly my mom is pissed because I’m failing Honors English with a 54. I’d be passing if it weren’t for my idiot teacher who lost only the most important assignments of the session. Assignments that I turned in early! Now she says she’ll give me partial credit if I redo the work. Why should I be penalized for work she lost!? Anyway, I give up. You know the problem with the American public school system is that its discipline is too liberal and its curriculum too strict.

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