March 7, 1998

Say No To Puerto Rico!

Lately I’ve been trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are inherently good. So far, many people have failed to show they are really beautiful people on the inside. On Tuesday night, I caught myself feeling hatred for someone I didn’t know personally, only hating them for that they were associated with. This feeling and realization disgusted me of myself. I decided that, for now on, I must give everyone the chance to prove themselves good before stereotyping them. Fortunately, I met a wonderful twenty-two year old college student here in Killeen online not long after resolving this. She was very nice, and I enjoyed her digitized company immensely. We held a pretty active conversation, and, unlike my current girlfriend, whenever a lull occurred in our exchange, she broke the silence quickly and effectively.
Of course, I had great expectations for the rest of the world after this meeting. Last night, I had the honor of going to my job, where I am a telesurveyist. I call people up to get there opinions on many different products, services, and companies. You would think that people would welcome the chance to have their opinions and criticisms heard by the major conglomerates, but as it is, many people don’t. The worst part isn’t that the don’t want to do it, but rather, that they are rude abou tit. I, personally, try to be as happy and upbeat as possible when I make my calls to these people. I know I’m bothering them and if they wouldn’t be so ruide and ask stupid questions while trying to fluster me, we could finish in the interview and be off the phone much more quickly. But the point is, people yell, scream, curse, threaten, and are just plain rude to my associates and myself. Obviously, what these people don’t understand is that we’re all out there just trying to make a buck, pay a few bills, and live life while working two jobs or attending school. I don’t know one person I whom I work with that enjoys bothering people in the middle of dinner or any other time of day. If there were an easier and more accurate way to do this job while still getting paid my current salary, I’d do it. But there isn’t. So, please, if one of us calls you, don’t be rude. If you don’t want to do the survey, just say so and hang up. Don’t be rude, or you’re much more likely to being receiving many a phone call late into the night. We’re human, too.

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