March 29, 1998

Okay, okay, I have a good reason why this page hasn’t been updated in so long. I’ve been on Spring Break and travelling through the Deep South. I spent most of my time in a vehicle of some sort (car, truck, RV, etc.). First, I visited my grandfather in SouthEast Alabama. From there I rode with him and my mother and siblings to Birmingham, Alabama (beautiful downtown area, by the way). After spending three days there, we went down to Fort Walton Beach, Florida and my old home, Eglin AFB. We arrived back home (in Texas) about seven thirty this morning.
As you can imagine, I’ve had a lot of time to think during my travels over the past week. The following are a few thoughts I had during my trip.

Why the hell did President Clinton pledge $125 million to African schools instead of giving that money to American schools? We already support African schools with some $25 million a year.

Upon my return home, I found that I had received a CD from an unsigned band in Chicago called Dead Nuggets Dish. I listened to the entire CD and love it. I think you can purchase their CD from their Website for around $10. They sent me one for free, but I plan to send them a check anyway. Great band, you can listen to a few of their songs on their Website with RealAudio.

I am currently boycotting all Jewel songs and that Celine Dion Titanic song, “My Heart Will Go On.” I wish that movie and song would sink.

I broke up with my girlfriend sometime the week before last. She asked me if I loved her. Honesty is the best policy. I said no. Later I talked to some girls about what they thought Love is. One of my respected friends said she thinks Love is acceptance and compassion. Sounds good, huh? I asked two other girls who gave me almost identical answers, except for different wording. The common theme being that they think putting aside one’s aspirations for the other person’s is a big factor in loving someone. My argument is that love is something you can’t define until you’ve experienced it, and since I have never experienced love, I cannot define it. That may be just a bunch of BS, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?

I guess I should do the popular thing and enter my opinions on the school shootings. First, we have a prison system more interested in confining criminals than in rehabilitating them. This being the case, putting kids behind bars for life ruins those kids’ life. I mean, just think, an impressionable twelve year old can most likely be changed in his ways, and not have to waste his entire life (or 40 years) in prison. Second, you can’t make the argument that only Southerners are killing each other. How do you explain the growth of gangs and other types of violence in Northern and Western cities? Third, for some reason, kids these days are becoming more and more bored. When a kid is bored, he’s going to look for something to get into. Unfortunately, recently they’ve been finding deadly games to play to wake themselves for their boredom, and they end up ruining their own and others’ lives. Last but certainly not least, I salute the teacher who gave her life while shielding the young student. How many of you would have done that?

I want to understand.

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