Wendt the Going Gets Tough

A couple of brothers at a local college reported they were being harassed to the cops because fliers promoting an appearance by Dinesh D’Souza they’d posted on dorm room doors were returned to them by other students overnight. Dinesh D’Souza, if you’ll remember, went to jail for campaign finance violations. So, if you want someone with integrity to listen to, he’s definitely your guy.

Across the top of the fliers was the question, “What’s So Great About America?” That was also the title of Dinesh’s speech.

Those who returned the fliers had provided answers to the question, such as, “Muslims,” “Public Education,” etc. (The best one has a cat on it and is in the video below.) You know, the things that actually already make America great but Republicans hate.


On Friday night, Jonah Wendt and a handful of other Trinity University students went door to door in the dorms, distributing 600 fliers for an upcoming speech by conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

Set for March 7, the lecture was organized by Tigers for Liberty, a conservative student group founded last February by Wendt and his twin brother, Manfred.

By Saturday morning, a thick stack of the handbills had been returned to the campus suite the Wendts share. “We fixed them,” declared an attached post-it note. Two small American flags that the brothers keep pinned outside their doors had also been turned upside down. When the pair fanned out the fliers later that morning, they realized every single one — all 228 — had been written on in various shades of permanent marker. “Immigrants.” “No ban.” “The people will fight back.”

What’s bothered me about this story is how the anonymous students have been treated by the media and columnists. It’s as if they’d shut down the speech a la pedo-Milo at Berkeley. No, they merely exercised their rights as well. The fliers weren’t private property. (They should have left the Wendt’s flags alone, but whatever.)

I’ve also not seen anyone note that the words written by the other students on the fliers were direct responses to the question posed at the top. Those students put a helluvalot more work into finding some unique good about the U.S. and writing it on each individual flier than running copies off a machine, too. I’d say their free speech rights are being criticized as much as the Wendt’s.

Even Breitbart calls the brothers Wendt snowflakes for being such ginger-headed wusses. That has to hurt.

That the campus police took it as a serious harassment complaint is only surprising when you remember who is paying these boys’ tuition. Mommy and Daddy don’t want them to feel threatened.

Pro-tip, Wendt Bros.: If you’re gonna try to rile people up, be ready to deal with their responses. Next time, instead of sneaking around and putting them on dorm room doors while students are out partying on Friday night, stop by when they’re in and ask them if they’re interested. Or are you not sufficiently sure in your beliefs to withstand your fellow scholars’ reactions?

Scratch that question. You boys can’t even handle a bunch of returned mail. Go away, flies.


Photo stolen from Bekah McNeel at The Rivard Report


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