Pro-Life Trump Supporter’s Dog Bites Jeffrey


One question I’ve asked myself over the past two weeks is one I’d like to pose to pro-life Trump supporters:

How many lives will you allow his administration to ruin in service of that cause?

I’m not talking about the women who would lose access to medically safe abortions. I’m referring to the poor, the ill, the immigrant, the student loan borrower, the farmer and so many others whose lives will become so much worse under President Trump. His budget blueprint makes that quite clear. It isn’t a budget, certainly, but it is a statement of priorities, and, if those are his administration’s priorities, we’d better hope Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate don’t share them.

But having to rely on Congress to restrain an incompetent, extreme executive is unacceptable as a long-term — or even, it seems, given current actions, a short-term — operating strategy. To paraphrase Mark Cuban, in Trump, you don’t have a strategy, you have a product. Soon, he won’t sell.

Gorsuch isn’t worth this collateral damage.

It’s certainly not just President Trump; he has many advisers, con- and yes-men who willingly devise and pursue his and likely their own duplicitous plans.

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In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that Mike Flynn, the disgraced National Security Adviser and foreign agent, is a spy. Not only does Russia show the “strength” through slaughter that, in Flynn’s estimation, President Obama weakly refused to pursue but Putin and he shared the goal of undermining Obama and Clinton. Payments labeled as “speaking engagements” are convenient money laundering vehicles.

Blinding hatred can make a man do stupid things. But the knife cuts both ways when you’re caught.

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The unfortunate thing for those of us who see the suffering coming is that Trump supporters will never admit or confront what they’ve done. Most won’t even get teary-eyed the way Glenn Beck, whose wanton, chalkboard-driven, conspiracy-laden persuasion of future Trump voters of the darkness of Obama (yes, that comes with the racist undertones he employed at the time) and Democrats, ultimately led to Trump’s election. I’ve said it twice, I’ll say it three times: He was a key player in leading us to this moment. Suicide isn’t apology enough.

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No, most Trump voters will be like the guy whose dog attacked Jeffrey at the Phil Hardberger dog park today. Did he, his wife or his kid apologize for their dog’s anti-social behavior and/or express any concern about the blood covering Jeff’s ear? No. Instead, he called us the things Trump grabs, said he’d make his dog bite back if attacked and then mumbled some nonsense about Trump.

Did he do it while standing in the dog park surrounded by people? No. He waited until Misty was walking some distance behind them on her way to the car to get napkins to try to soak up some of the blood. Only then did he turn and loudly comment to his wife and kid. Of course, had Jeff turned around and ripped his dog’s throat out, we’d probably still be there dealing with the cops. Big man wouldn’t be so big.

Like Trump, he’d never take responsibility for his dog’s behavior. He deflects and blames the victims by claiming it’s their fault they’re weak or, in our and most cases, more worried about our dog/other people than his humiliated id) all the while he’s the one walking away like a scaredy-cat, mumbling things under his breath and misogynistically accosting women when alone. He epitomizes the Trumpian mindset. Merely a troll.

As Amanda Hess writes about Internet trolls,

Trolls work by exploiting the gap between the virtual and the real. They . . . reach out and rattle people who are pinned down by fixed ideologies, moral codes and human emotions. Any attachment to principles — even really basic ones like “don’t torture grieving parents” — gives the troll an opening. . . . [T]rolling was always about the distance between people who care and people who don’t. The people who cared always lost. Often, they were counseled to detach as much as the trolls had: to withhold their outrage, to not “feed the trolls,” to pretend there was a real distinction between doing horrible things and meaning them. So the trolls scampered on to their next targets, amassing more followers along the way.

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Yes, Trump will hurt people, if only by validating and encouraging people like that guy. Congressional Republicans are no different from the guy’s family members, who stood by and watched and listened without shutting him down or stopping the violence.

You, like them, owe us an apology. Believe it or not — the truth is the truth.


Updated 19 MAR 2017 at 0735 hour to add Amanda Hess quote.

1 thought on “Pro-Life Trump Supporter’s Dog Bites Jeffrey

  1. His behaviour made me mad for a second. I just listened and said nothing. My grandmother, who was born in 1918, and part of the “Greatest Generation” taught me that ultimately to act like that toward someone else just debases you as a human being. In trying to hurt me by calling us weak (I mean, is that an insult? Does Jeff give a fuck? Does he even comprehend the human concept “weak”?), he really just exposes the own parts of his humanity that are missing.

    The sad part of all of this is that I increasingly see this everywhere. And to this guy and people like him everywhere I say:

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