Trying to Get Along

Each month I curate a playlist of songs on Google Music and share it on Facebook, Twitter, here and elsewhere. If there’s a thread running through the songs and their ordering (sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t), I rarely go into detail explaining it.

This month is different – for the same reason so many other things are and/or seem different: Trump.

Maybe it’s also because everything seems to need meaning right now. With what’s at stake in our society, even the smallest of arts has to be mobilized in defense.

As for the playlist, the overall threads are obvious, I think. I started writing a piece similar to this last week that went song-by-song. I’m abandoning that. There’s just one place I want to delve a little further into because it hits me every time I listen to the song. I think unpacking the situation I am using the song to represent is of critical importance.

Track five on the playlist is “4-15-13” by the Dropkick Murphys. Give it a listen.

I stopped here yesterday and picked this post up again today:

The United States lost its innocence long ago, of course.

Up to and after the election, I have given those supporting Trump leeway. I thought, Oh, I have family who support him and I grew up around the people who voted for him, they aren’t that bad and It’s economics, I understand it, they’re hurting like we all are or Well, they’re smart, it’s all about the Supreme Court and, of course, for some small groups, They’re just fucking racists/nationalists/morons. But anyone continuing to support him after his most recent actions is just not thinking through the consequences and is actively taking part in the dismantling of the institutions that make up our society.

No one is protesting that Trump won. They’re protesting the consequences of his actions; even the medium-term consequences of which I can’t believe anyone in the upper echelons of his administration has considered. Those supporting him have either neglected to do the same or neglected their ability to be compassionate. Or they just have malignant intentions toward our country. Intentions worse than any terrorist’s.

Undermining our institutions will lead to the destruction of the core of our union. The social fabric won’t fray, it will burn.

Is getting your own that important? That’s what I think it really comes down to – beyond racism or economics or rural versus metropolitan. It’s people wanting “a couple million dollars” without doing anything for it – going to college, moving someplace with jobs — all while blaming the “coastal elites” because of their situation when, in fact, it’s the folks living in the cities (places that generate tax income) supporting the lazy, selfish and jealous Trump supporters wandering the countryside.

It’s money. Money gives you power. That’s what they want. But it isn’t coming. Not from Donald Trump and not from Steve Bannon and, honestly, not from anyone. Not under this system.

So, until “getting your own” is less important than compassion, equality and justice to more people, our only choice is to continue to resist.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: I thought we were in this together, but maybe we’re not (listen: “Same Drugs”). And that saddens and pisses me off.



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