Adore Trump or Else

President Trump wants adulation. That’s it.

Trump isn’t like Hitler or Carter or Taft or Harding or Monroe or whoever else to whom you’re trying to compare him. He’s Trump. We must deal with him as he is. What is he?

A narcissist.

Consider yesterday: A larger crowd than that at his inauguration protested his presidency. We most certainly could have found him sitting in the Oval Office disgruntled and moping. So what do his daughter and son-in-law come up with? Let’s take him somewhere people have to applaud him – even on a Saturday. Let’s take him to the CIA[1]! Let’s make him feel the adulation for which he thirsts. And, if they don’t clap loud enough, well, they’re fired.

You can see it again when he asks the crowd how they liked his speech the day before, then demurs when they give him the applause he seeks then accepts and basks in it.

Thus, to deny him the largest crowd ever is an unforgivable slight in Trump’s ego’s estimation.

We know Trump to act the role of petulant child. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be an act. His main goal in life seems to be to amass the power to demand the adoration – earned or not, sincere or not – of all.

[1] When we’d be forced to give up a day off to attend a change-of-command ceremony or some other nonsense in the military, we called it playing “rent-a-crowd.” The unluckiest were stuck standing on the parade field fainting from the heat and humidity.

Note: To those noting the isolationism in his “America first” statements, remember McCain’s presidential campaign ran on “Country First.” Maybe he was talking about music, though.

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