The Landed Gentry in Print

You have to love The Spectator for running some of the most inane columns ever. Fortunately, sometimes the wealthy truly do speak their minds in their own media organs.

Melissa Kite, in a column protesting reintroducing the lynx into the British wild, she suddenly decides the whole purpose of rewilding them is due to class warfare.

Unless you consider that rewilding is yet another outbreak of class warfare. Rewilding is in direct opposition to land management. And who manages land? The toffs. If you set enough big cats and wolves free to eat deer, pheasant, hare and salmon, you make the countryside a no-go area for hunting, shooting, fishing, riding — anything posh people do for fun. By releasing as many vicious carnivores as possible, you make it a pretty inconvenient place for the rural community, and, more importantly, for the landed gentry.[1]

Well, then. The pleasure of the wealthy landed gentry should certainly override any other environmental considerations.


[1] Bolding is mine, obviously

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