Rethinking My Camenzuli Review

Okay. So, I’m a sap. I couldn’t be mean and leave that long negative review about Dr. Camenzuli on Google and Yelp. No matter how poorly I felt I was treated, it’s not fair to publicly flog a man and his business and make him, his family and employees suffer.

For whatever reason, I feel bad for having possibly made him feel bad (thanks, Mom!) — and that assumes he had anything other than a protect-my-income reaction to my review; that his heart sank, ears and neck burned; that he actually felt bad. And, yet, I have my doubts.

Nonetheless, I wanted my review to acknowledge the positive experiences so many others seem to have had (out of over 60 reviews on Google, mine is his only negative) to soften the blow a little. I also thought the detail in the original review provided me too many opportunities for shaming and, thus, I shortened the review to:

I’m truly happy others have had such great experiences. Sadly, I was very disappointed in mine.

In his response on Google, he said he’d love to chat about my case in private. Unfortunately, as I said before, I’m just not interested any longer. The tooth that lost the filling has started to hurt every once in awhile, but I’m not going back to him to have it repaired. (In fact, I probably won’t even have it replaced until after we move at this point, given we need to save money for the move and my dental benefits are exhausted.) It seems silly to talk about my case if we’re not going to do anything about it.

I guess I want to be the bigger person in this — but I don’t see how meeting with him would make anything better. If anything, I’d likely again be made to felt that everything is my fault. I asked myself, “What did I do to this guy for him to treat me this way?” many times between appointments (ask Misty).

I don’t regret the review, but, at the same time, I do feel apologetic and ashamed of it, to a slight degree. I may feel differently when/if that tooth starts aching on a constant basis, though. At least I got a crappy denture out of the deal.

This whole thing has already taken far too much time, money, thought, bandwidth and words.

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