Free Books & So Over Voting

Misty and I voted. You see my ballot above. Early voting clerk already has it.

Additionally, we’re getting rid of more books. Fewer to move!

Below are pictures of the books. If you want one (or more), let me know. I have shipping materials. You just pay for shipping.

For example, my friend JeNee in Panama City bought ten books (she picked three or four and let Misty filled the rest of the box since they have similar reading tastes) for $14.00. That’s how much a flat-rate, anywhere-in-the-U.S. medium-sized USPS box. I have a few more of those and a bunch of other materials from UPS and FedEx as well.

Lemme know which you want.

Click photos for larger views.

img_20161011_173438 img_20161011_173332  img_20161011_164355img_20161011_173535img_20161011_173304img_20161011_164453  img_20161011_164444 img_20161011_173313



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