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Sadly — both because I had to experience it before writing about it and because I just don’t like having to do it, I had to post one-star reviews of my dental visits with Dr. Camenzuli on Google and Yelp. It just wouldn’t be fair to let others go in without this knowledge. Maybe the guy just hates me. But, whatever the case, here’s my review:

Came Out Worse Than I Went In

[I’m not a fan of giving one-star reviews, but he earned it.]

I’ll admit this is my fault: I should have followed my gut after the first appointment and gone to a different dentist. Instead, because I’d been missing the majority of a front tooth (a crown had fallen out) and couldn’t afford to get it fixed for so long that, once I had some money, I wanted it fixed ASAP*.

When I called, the office scheduled me quickly. That was a good sign, I thought. But, when I told Dr. Camenzuli during my first visit that I couldn’t afford the full cost for an implant (as much as I wish I could), he seemed upset and impatient to get me out of the chair.

He seemed to rely on my speculation about what was going on with my, admittedly awful, teeth instead of performing a thorough exam and offering his professional recommendations. Thus, he didn’t provide me with a full range of treatment options.

As I said in the beginning, I should have found a different dentist. But, since we’d already scheduled my oral surgery to have the tooth pulled, I figured it would be best to finish it up with him. I was wrong.

The day of the surgery, he again seemed impatient. Otherwise, it went fine.

A couple of days later, on a Saturday, my stitches and coverings came out and the roof of my mouth was raw and painful. When I went back to visit him the next week, he spent more time trying to blame me for the stitches coming out than he did looking in my mouth. Turns out the temporary denture he put in pulled the thread against the roof of my mouth, scraping the skin and loosening the stitches until they hung into my mouth.

In fact, he didn’t even repair the stitches. Instead, he ran his finger along the roof of my mouth while I nearly whimpered. He told me to rinse my mouth out with alcohol at home. Fortunately, I’m not dumb enough to not dilute it — or use salt water.

As a first-time denture-wearer, one might expect his or her dentist to give him or her information regarding proper care and such. Nope. Beyond what his assistant gave me in a bag and telling me not to use toothpaste, I received no instruction.

Finally, at the last appointment, I got a cleaning prior to his removing the membrane from the extraction site. During the cleaning, the hygienist pulled out an old filling — though I’d told them to be careful because I worried my teeth were fragile.

After he removed the membrane and told me they wanted to schedule a deep cleaning, I pointed out that a filling had come out during cleaning. He just said, “It was a bad filling. It wouldn’t come out if it had been good.” That’s interesting. The filling worked just fine for years before he and his hygienist poked, scraped and pulled on it with sharp metal instruments. After giving the guy over $2,000, he refuses to fix what his employee broke? After just getting a tooth replaced, he sends me out of the office with another broken tooth? And doesn’t even offer to fix it? At all?

At that point, though, I wasn’t surprised and didn’t want anything else to do with him.

Obviously, I’ll never go back there. I have never been to a worse dentist. Avoid at all costs.

*I should note that the first patient I met when I arrived said she was changing dentists. She didn’t tell me why, though, just that she hoped I had better luck. Now I know what she was talking about.

You can find it on Yelp and Google.

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