Dr. Camenzuli Dental Review Redux

While shortening my dentist review of Dr. Camenzuli on Yelp last night, I happened to scroll down and read the few other negative remarks. I was surprised to find they almost mimicked my own, though they’re older reviews. A number of them mentioned, obliquely, the profit- rather than health-focused nature of the practice.

So, given the treatment I received appears to be something that happens to a certain subset of people who visit his practice, I’m going to repost my original review – and direct those on Google to visit the Yelp reviews.

In fact, I’m also going to add a little about how I felt like the poor care I received was based on my inability to afford an implant. Implants cost over $3,000 more than I spent for this cosmetic-only denture. (You’d think that, knowing I can’t afford an implant, he’d give me something more permanent than a temporary partial denture. But it ensures I have to return to the dentist. Unfortunately for him, it won’t be his office.)

When I thought that my review was the only negative one on the site, I felt sort of bad. Now, I think it’s necessary.

I’m trying to figure out the commonality among those of us he chose to treat so poorly.

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