Debatable Decency

I told Misty last night while we watched the debate that Donald Trump had stuck his hand deeply down into the bag of debunked Clinton-related conspiracy theories and nutjob fictions. Instead of policy arguments, Trump lobbed another dusty, crusty attack almost every time he spoke. His fans – the Breitbart readers, Christian right, white supremacists and others – likely lapped it up. They undeniably hate Hillary Clinton. They seemingly hate her more than her husband. Trump’s threat of (another) special prosecutor to investigate the former and (likely future) presidents and statement that she would be in jail if he were head of the executive is as inebriating as wine made of water to his followers.

For people to hate someone so much they’d vote for such just dirty man, well, it’s just not Christian – or Jewish or Muslim – or anywhere damn near any religion’s teachings. Or, more broadly, it indicates a complete lack of decency. For so many to support such a man to lead the decent American people is disheartening, to say the least.

His one decent argument – that Hillary has had 30 years to make the changes she touts (but, clearly, privately believes otherwise[1]) now – is completely drowned out by his denigrating words and 12-year-old-kid-style tantrums.

Given the state of his campaign, though, it’s really no surprise that Trump blindly rummaged around in the conspiracy bag and pulled out whatever his hand fell upon each time he was asked a question or gave a rebuttal.

If anything killed him in the debate, it was his answer to the last question, when he admitted that Clinton was a fighter. That’s the highest of compliments from Trump. He is nothing if not a fighter, and to admit that she’s put up a good fight had to anger his base. Or maybe they’re willing to give him – and her – that; she’s fought their attacks well for 30 years or more. If they respect anything, it’s the fight, and the winner.

Fundamentally, though, the right – at least its leadership and its voters – want the fight more than they want a winner. This election proves it.

By the way, don’t piss Martha Raddatz off when it comes to international affairs. She don’t play.

[1] If she truly believes in improving the lot of the non-wealthy she’d have been supporting policies that would help them for the past 30 years – before Sanders and Trump drove her to lie to the public. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll vote for her, but she’s just as much a neoliberal as the rest of them.

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