Letter to the Editor: Student Debt Relief


The letter to the editor I just sent to The Nation. about an article published online yesterday.


The policy proposals put forward by Natalia Abrams and Cody Hounanian in “4 Simple Ways to Help 44 Million Americans With Student Debt” are key to solving the student debt crisis — if you support an incremental approach that perpetuates the damage of these life-ravaging loans. Their proposals are simple and inadequate. In fact, I have a simpler and more effective solution: debt cancellation.

It saddens me to see The Nation., a self-proclaimed voice of the left, publishing and, thus, supporting such incrementalist policies when we all know the true solution is true debt relief. Current student loan debts should be forgiven and current and future students should receive tuition-free access to higher education.

An incremental approach only continues to take us backward.


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