Undeliverable Due to Lazy Postal Worker

The continuing saga of lazy USPS workers carrying William and Misty’s packages:

Yesterday, our postal carrier, a young-ish black woman, marked our address as undeliverable because it does not exist. That would be the same address the USPS assigned us — and ~15 other people in this apartment complex.

In fact, I know she didn’t even bother coming to our complex yesterday because my outgoing mail is still in the mailbox (even though I put a note on the box letting them know there is outgoing inside; otherwise they won’t bother to take the mail anyway).

Mind you, the day before, she said she couldn’t deliver the package because we weren’t home. We’re both home all day long every day.

She also didn’t deliver a neighbor’s package whose girlfriend was home all day.

Amazon has complained and I’ve complained to the national offices. Next up is the local post office again. This bitch is getting fired or relocated, but, most likely, promoted.

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