Rent’s Paid South

I don’t understand why our apartment complex’s management company can’t seem to deposit our rent checks in a timely manner. It takes them ten or more days after they receive the check — even when we pay through their online system. In fact, I think there should be a law stating if you hold onto a tenant’s check for more than ten days, you’re outta luck.

I’d prefer that rent money to be removed from my account immediately so the payment doesn’t bounce because other bills and purchases have cut into that $950 before I could replenish it. The way it is now, I have to regularly check my account to (a) see if they finally cashed the check and, if not, (b) make sure there’s still enough money in that account to pay the rent when they finally get around to depositing the check.

The property manager, Olivia, has emailed Misty and I a few times blaming us for various things we haven’t done — leaving trash outside, et cetera. So, when we went to throw trash away Sunday night and found the bin overflowing — it’s not even a full-size dumpster — along with stuff on the ground surrounding it, including a microwave left there by the maintenance workers — we took pictures.

A few minutes later, I emailed the pictures to Olivia along with the below:



803 felicity trash bin 2
Click for larger.

Before we get blamed for it again, I’ve attached photos of the trash bin as we encountered it a few minutes ago. Note that the microwave and such were left on the ground outside the bin by your maintenance people. The other items — I don’t know. But they aren’t ours.


On another note, the washers are so rusted that they’ve ruined a number of our clothing items. We can’t wash white clothes without them coming out with rust stains. Thus, part of our rent is being charged for something we cannot use (much like the trash bin). This is unacceptable.


Thank you in advance for attention to these matters.



803 Felicity St. Trash
Click for larger.


We pay $25 a month for the pleasure of using the apartment complex’s trash. I’m going to contact the city and ask for my own trash bin.

I haven’t received a response to that email yet. I’m betting I don’t. What are they going to say? Sorry? We’ll pay for your rust-stained clothes? Yeah. Right.

If they’d prefer we move out, we’d be happy to accommodate. We can call it even, even. Mutual.

They can find another Section 8 tenant, like our neighbors (who we think are reporting us for no reason).

But there’s more!

USPS is still giving us trouble — ever since Harlem.

George should have received a huge dog bed from Amazon on Friday. It finally arrived today, though it had been marked as delivered at our mailbox (which is far too small to hold a jumbo dog bed) on Friday. A guy across the way, Jon, brought it to us after running into a girl on her way to deliver it to us. Apparently, it the deliverywoman left it at the wrong address. Now, I know there isn’t another single numbered apartment complex south of Magazine on Felicity Street. I also know that we receive enough packages here — likely more than anyone in the neighborhood but definitely within this complex — that they know us quite well. Even worse, we’re home all day. There’s no excuse.

And there’s no excuse because this happens every other delivery. Once again, I have to call the local post office to complain.

When Carl took a crap during our walk this morning along the Market Street side of Kingsley House, the guy mowing the sidewalk median a block down yelled — while Carl was still hunched over shitting — “Hey, man! Der bags over here!” to be an asshole. I picked up the crap after Carl finished, as usual, and threw it away.

But I can really do without being yelled at and blamed for shit. If you walk down Felicity on the housing projects’ side of the street, the sidewalks are full of shit. But we get blamed for it. (For that very reason, I don’t walk George or Carl down that block until after they’ve done their usually solid business.

So, when I started work this morning, I made a quick phone call to the United Way, which runs Kingsley House. I chatted briefly with the secretary and let her know that their groundskeepers are just mowing over the discarded fast food bags, french fry cartons and other trash alongside the building, letting the mower chew them to pieces and spit them out along the median and street — thus creating even more of a mess.

That poor asshole will be having a chat with his supervisor. They offered to call me back but I told them I just wanted to let them know about it because it’s messing up my neighborhood and I then also told them I’d donate any young adult and/or children’s books I find to their free lending library.

I am such an asshole.


UPDATE 10 AUG 2016: They did reply to the email. But only about the dumpster. According to Olivia, they’ve had poor results with this garbage company and are changing providers ASAP. No word on my other complaint. Not surprising.

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