I Have To Cast Your Way Aside/Suck Out My Good Parts | August 2016 Mix



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I Have To Cast Your Way Aside/Suck Out My Good Parts | August 2016 Mix
30 songs • 1:47:18

In the late ‘90s and early 2000s, I was at the height of my mixtape-making skills. I had to transition into making mix CDs when the technology became widely available. The move from tape to CD seemed like it would be a boon for mixtape-creation. But I found myself ensuring that the files on the mix CDs I created were encoded as music files rather than files requiring a mp3 reader. I did this for two reasons:

  1. Most people didn’t have an audio system that included a player capable of reading mp3 files (especially in their vehicles, which is where I listened to most of my music at the time when not at work; now I listen to it almost exclusively while working), and
  2. Maintaining a cohesive strand of feelings, moods, thoughts, phrases, melodies and romantic tension – and just finding enough good music – for more than 15 songs starts to become unwieldly.

The problem has only grown more problematic with the development of streaming services and playlists. Not only can people more easily find new music (they always could, they just weren’t willing to look, and that hasn’t changed) but they expect endless amounts of it. Creating a ten song playlist is a pre-exercise exercise for most people. They do it every day.

I don’t know how well I’ve made the transition to playlist-making.

I created mixes for various people (often for those of romantic interest but also “just friends”). I started to joke that my ex-girlfriends loved my music taste far more they liked me – they continued to ask for updates long after any semblance of a relationship was left.

But I can’t seem to stop myself from making them. So here’s one for this month. Just like I have no intention of claiming that this site and inadequate.net are anything more than my personal sites and journals, I won’t promise this is going to become a regular thing. Appreciate it while you can. Some folks are able to concentrate on a single subject or practice or motivation on which they focus their sites. That’s never worked for me. Just throwing thoughts up here has always been my modus operandi, and, I suppose, will continue to be.

Something I jotted down about the first song (which wasn’t going to be the opening song until I stumbled upon it and knew it had to go first):

  • The opening riffs on “Baby When I Close My Eye” just make it seem so urgent, as if we should take notice at the beginning of a film of intrigue and danger. The video is also (partly) fun.

And then I continued:

  • You’ll notice that “Fill in the Blank” sounds like an opener.
  • “Never Going Back Again” has Caveman opening up a vista onto a valley of optimism two-thirds of the way through the film.
  • Does Modern Baseball not only have the name but also the sound of an early 2000s emo/post-punk band?
  • Mates of State with some Death Cab for Cutie to help you get oriented.
  • CeeLo Green to throw you again.
  • The Fast Romantics’ “Animal” could have been in Top Gun.
  • “Seventeen” is the make-out-fight-sex scene. But also, as I listen to it now, an exhortation to all of us to get out there, it’s Friday night every night. That girl, that boy, that person, that experience, conversation, whatever it is you’re seeking is out there — it’s not going anywhere but you do have to go find it.  
  • The Format as a history lesson.
  • “Feel Right” by Esme Patterson reminds me of the opening song in the American version of Shameless.
  • “To Know You” could have been in Donnie Darko.
  • “Up Up Up” to give you a summer anthem, if you still need one. I debate whether to put this song as the final song — what I like to think of as the extro. I love how silence sounds against the end of this song.
  • And closing out (bookending, if you dismiss the late-coming opener) this month’s selection — one of my faves of the month, and, thus, a double-play. If we’re honest, it would all end far better with “Up Up Up.” But it does what I need.

Many will hate this but some will find it nice and others just interesting, but bonus song: Weaves – Help! (Beatles Cover).

On Google Play Music:

I Have To Cast Your Way Aside/Suck Out My Good Parts | August 2016 Mix
30 songs • 1:47:18

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