I’m a Little Unsteady

I know I’ve recently written things many likely find offensive.

I’m probably less racist than Hillary Clinton. Any misogyny I display is quite obviously not Trumpian or anywhere close. I’ve always believed in equality of opportunity – and outcomes, in some cases.

The more serious problem, though, is to fail to recognize to understand that “angry white male” and the impact of his views on American society.

Having a woman on the ballot is enough to motivate the sexists. The recent protests by Black Lives Matter members and others (though the angry white male will focus on BLM) will similarly motivate the angry white man to vote against the Democrats and liberals. We can only hope such things aren’t as influential as we get closer to the election.

I have friends on the left who, likely reading a deeper racism into my posts, have expressed agreement with such darker thoughts, but they are uncomfortable openly stating their beliefs. That’s natural, but sort of sad. None of these people are racists or sexists. But it doesn’t make sense. When your eyes have seen the same or similar things all your life, it just doesn’t make sense. Much like the racial violence to which she was victim surprised the hell out of Misty.

It doesn’t make sense. No matter how many justifications we find for it. No matter what we do to change it. It doesn’t make sense. But the more enlightened of us nonetheless continue supporting progressive policies that will help everyone. We don’t turn inward and build a wall around our compassion.

None of it makes sense. But even through the absurdity we must push.


1 thought on “I’m a Little Unsteady

  1. It absolutely makes sense when you tell people “only this group matters”. Of course you are going to engender hate from the “other”.

    Read “The Mending Wall”. Read “The Lottery”. Fuck, read “The Hunger Games”.

    As long as humanity has existed, there has existed the concept of the “other” (Ask your friendly neighborhood sociologist). We’ve always been at war with the “other”.
    I’m fairly fucking certain we will always find an “other” even in an absolute state-imposed monoculture. It is horribly sad, but I think it is also the nature of being human.

    I don’t think that means we shouldn’t fight against that thinking, but I do think that by not recognizing that is what we are engaging in when we do what we have been doing recently, we stymie our progress as humans. Every last one of us needs to admit that we view each as the “other”. Until we do that, we will never make any progress.

    It has nothing to do with white people, black people, or purple unicorns.

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