Why the Quotes?

I know there must be some question as to why I post random quotes here. Is it just an easy way to keep the site updated and fresh without working? Well, yes and no.

The idea is to share what I’m reading (a sort of status update) and share what I think Matthew Arnold would argue is some of “the best that is known and thought in the world.” That is, of course, fundamentally value-laden. It’s what think is such.

So, the quotes are, essentially, updates on what I’m reading and thinking about even while I have nothing to personally write about. Hopefully, the quotes are interesting, thought-provoking and possibly lead you to read the full articles or essays.

Usually, I agree with the quote’s sentiment. Others, I think deserve to be read if only as intellectual self-satisfaction. (Or, they’re efforts to show how well-read I am.) Some I like the quote more than the article. Others, I think you absolutely need to read the primary source.

Hopefully, those are good enough reasons.

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