Wendy Brown on Neoliberalism.

[N]eoliberalism (is) a governing rationality through which everything is “economized” and in a very specific way: human beings become market actors and nothing but, every field of activity is seen as a market, and every entity (whether public or private, whether person, business, or state) is governed as a firm. Importantly, this is not simply a matter of extending commodification and monetization everywhere—that’s the old Marxist depiction of capital’s transformation of everyday life. Neoliberalism construes even non-wealth generating spheres—such as learning, dating, or exercising—in market terms, submits them to market metrics, and governs them with market techniques and practices. Above all, it casts people as human capital who must constantly tend to their own present and future value.

—Wendy Brown

qtd. in Shenk, Timothy. “Booked #3: What Exactly is Neoliberalism?,” Dissent. 2 Apr. 2015. Web. 9 Apr. 2015.

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