Three Pieces

My Jeff-fur-son has bounced back from the edge of the rainbow bridge to seemingly feeling even better than before. He probably does now that he has all those kidney stones out of him. We have to keep him from running around and jumping on his brother, George. I’m so happy we were able to save him.

We’re $20 away from $2,000, almost half of Jeff’s vet bill, on GoFundMe. I was amazed we hit $1,000. Wouldn’t it be cool to hit two? I’ll close out the donation page as soon as we pay off the bill (whether or not we ever reach the total). I have no intention of using that money for anything but the costs associated with Jeff’s vet stay. I never expected it to defray half or a third or any of the total cost. I’m happy whatever number we end up on when I close it down. This ain’t a Kickstarter.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. Trust me: If Jeff could type, he’d be telling you the same.

* * *

As the possibility of our move closes in on reality (Misty has three interviews in Seattle this week), I do find myself anxious and sad to be leaving my parents, brother and sister. That’s natural, I guess. I feel foolish for admitting it. But I’m pretty sure it may be the only way for me to ever “pay them back” — monetarily but also by showing I can do this on my own. I wish it were otherwise.

But I’m afraid of time. I know its value — and the lack of it. Time moves fast, and years fly by. So much can happen in even a short time. It’s hard to think of being 2,000 miles away. (Obviously, I should talk to my little sister about this, as Misty suggested. She lived in Germany for eight years.) Even if I didn’t see them all that often when I lived 30 miles away, it was reassuring to know they were nearby and always available if needed.

* * *

Aside from applying for jobs and worrying about Jeff, I’ve mainly been burying my head in my Kindle, reading magazines and newspapers all day and night. I figure there must be more to it than just enjoying it. Maybe I’m trying to avoid all the stress and fear and worry surrounding me by zeroing in on whatever I’m reading. By avoid, I mean, put off to a later date.

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