Federal Job Sites versus Texas Job Sites

A while back I wrote about how utterly awful is the experience of applying for jobs through State of Texas job sites. Well, the situation hasn’t improved. Some agencies are now using governmentjobs.com, which is a good deal, once you have your resume loaded in the first time. But it could still be improved by allowing one to import data from LinkedIn.

While Texas continues to twiddle its thumbs on this, though, the federal government seems to have figured out how to get the best applicants.

The federal personnel chief unveiled plans Monday to improve the government’s biggest jobs board and “untie the knots” in hiring and recruiting new employees, eliminating long-standing obstacles for job seekers and managers trying to find top talent.

That is, you have to let good candidates actually apply – you can’t hinder them with filling out different lengthy online applications for each agency. You can try, but they’ll, ultimately, give up and leave the site. I do.

When I read the following sentences, I made an audible laugh of incredulity, rolled my eyes and said aloud, “Duh!”

The OPM’s digital team also is using technology to get a clearer look at why some candidates abandon the application process on USAJobs. (The answer appears to be that it’s too cumbersome and takes too long.)

No shit, Sherlock.
Dig deeper, Watson.

They’re doing this but when will we see the benefits?

The team is identifying what a revamped USAJobs site will look like; a full rollout will not come until next winter.

Things haven’t gotten better in Texas, but in many, many months, they should get a little better if you’re applying for federal jobs.


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