Been Around a While

Though this journal has taken hiatuses numerous times, I’m still surprised by how long it’s been around (whether at this URL, or some other blog site). It chronicles large portions of my life. And, looking back, one may be able to trace the growths and changes I’ve made during — and in between — those times. They definitely occurred, whether or not they are reflected in these pages.

I haven’t — and have a hard time suggesting others do so — gone through all the old posts I transferred over from the Internet Archive yet. I should, but I haven’t. I’m not going to worry too much about what I said in them. I was young, once. Believe it or not. Any employer upset by something I wrote ten years ago needs to get over it. What I wrote at 24 or 19 has little bearing on who I, ultimately, am today. Certainly it helped shape me, but it didn’t make me.

I’ve changed lots of things since then — I hardly drink, more cynical (impossible!), etc. — and none of us should be judged for the things we were. I could go back and delete it all, but I don’t see the point. I do see the point in keeping it consolidated and where I know it is and am still able to share it — which it was meant to be when written.

Plenty of people have done far worse than anything I may have written here over the past 16 years and been forgiven.

So, if you wanna begin your oppo research on me, start in the archives. If I cared, they wouldn’t be there.

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