71° and SXSWi

Earlier this morning I signed up for a new service called Poncho that will do something new and awesome when telling me via text or email the day’s weather each morning. I guess. They must be hard launching during SXSWi.

When I got my first weather forecast from Poncho, I was surprised to see that it would be 71 degrees today. Then I remembered it’s SXSW. It’s always beautiful during SXSW. It’s part of the reason people who visit during this time want to move here. They don’t foresee the 110-degree days to come. That’s all fine and good. Let ‘em have it.

I’ve alternately mooned over and bitched about SXSW — depending on the year, whether I was attending or not, if I needed to be downtown for work or business during the event and other variables. The only constant is being able to make fun of the self-important douchebags. That has transferred over to the SXSWi portion of the festival now. It was previously the stamp on the foreheads of music industry types. That’s what you get for getting bigger — and producing outsize personalities who maybe shouldn’t be as outspoken as they are.

If there’s one thing tech bros are good at (aside from making money and misunderstanding the role of government), it’s putting their feet in their mouths.

This year, we’re not really attending. I (with Misty) plan to have drinks or dinner with Golden Krishna of #NoUI fame, but beyond that, I believe we are laying low. With the job search, Misty flying out to Pittsburgh and then Seattle for interviews late next week/beginning of the week after and, oh, being broke, we’ve got other things to focus on and take care of. The weather will be beautiful, though.

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