The Sad New Republic

I know no one cares about my opinion on the controversy at The New Republic, but I’m going to comment anyway.

First, it saddens me to see William Giraldi contributing to the first issue under the new regime. I know little about him, but I enjoy most of his essays and criticism.

I’m also sad to see the quality of the magazine decline so abruptly. I’d only just started subscribing to it and I had to cancel after the first couple of issues because of this coup. If the cover story on the first post-coup issue is indicative of what we may come to expect from the magazine, I’m glad I canceled after the 100th anniversary issue.

That issue was stellar. The newest issue is garbage; though, maybe collectible garbage (save Giraldi’s piece, and it isn’t his best work).

Some say that cover story this month is a swipe at the old guard, who just departed the magazine. If so, it was a total failure. A quick catalog of the times the magazine has been wrong and right on the race issue? How long did that research take? A day to decide to do the story and half a day to complete it? Self-flagellation? It’s no mea culpa. What’s the point?

Not only did they cop-out by skipping the next issue after the predictable exodus, they still produced a crappy inaugural issue. That only compounds the harm they’ve done — ultimately, not solely to the employees and the magazine but to the nation, as well.

Just goes to show you can’t trust tech bros.

What writer would stick around with this guy running the place?

To him (Guy Vidra, The New Republic’s chief executive), journalism remains “content.” The vehicles for delivering journalism are “products.” The New Republic’s history is a “competitive advantage” to be “leveraged.”



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