Fair Warning

Seriously. People in business and politics need to get senses of humor. Not everything is the end of the world just because it’s a comment on the Internet. Get over yourselves.

I’m sick of hearing about people being butthurt about stupid jokes I write here (or elsewhere). I find it especially offensive when the thing I’m kidding them about is true. Like the one about the legislator who liked to drink and how Legislating While Intoxicated (LWI) has been a problem at the Texas Capitol some sessions.

And, finally, if you’re gonna come after me for what I’ve written, then: Come at me, bro’. Don’t go through someone else.

Fair warning for future reference and past indulgence.

If this post pisses you off, liberally apply the above product to affected area, fill out the form below and return it to me. Fax only.

butthurt report form


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