confidence, man

so much for unexpected weather,
it’s been overcast forever

We’re completely and utterly broke again. I suppose in the negative, given the charge for our storage unit won’t go through. That means we’ll likely lose all our stuff — what isn’t crowding us in the upstairs of my parents’ house right now.

Storage (all our furniture and books and clothing) — gone.
New (used) car — gone.
Debts — unpaid.
Income — Immediately goes to satisfy debts of the above. In essence, gone – before we have it.
Medications I need to pick up to keep us sane? Nope.
Our health insurance — gone. Turns out it’s too expensive anyway, but now we can’t afford any at all. That means,
Therapy for us — gone.

No one to ask for help any longer. My parents are broke enough as it is. Misty’s don’t care. Time to start mowing lawns. My only hope is a check from my last client to show up. That could float us a little.

Last year, I’d threatened to just end it all when we went below zero. Obviously, that wasn’t true, but it’s weird to be back here again so soon after all the work I did the last two months. We’ve been here more the last few years than ever before. Or maybe I’ve always been on this unacknowledged floor of air.

We’ll be able to move soon, but we won’t have much to take with us. At least we can travel light if we lose everything.

We’re both putting in at temp agencies (trying to find those old ones where you can just get a job by walking in, applying and getting called to show up at such-and-such place at such-and-such time to do such-and-such menial task for a certain period (sometimes forever). Those places don’t exactly exist anymore, Misty was surprised to find.

Yep, folks. I’m honestly telling you what’s happening. That low unemployment rate? That’s because a lot of people have truly given up looking for work. Welcome to our economy — and the truth.

At a loss.

coffee cups, promises — sure,
but I’ve never broken bones before

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