Re-enrolling in Obamacare/ACA/BCBSTX

We re-enrolled in our current health insurance plan through the Obamacare/ACA market place on Saturday. No, there were no website problems. We have BCBSTX Multi-State Solution 3 (a silver PPO). It’s been good so far.

They added a $75 copay for urgent care and more mental health and substance abuse benefits. Our overall cost, including monthly premiums (around $330), will remain the same as (or less than) last year, even though the premiums went up $100 overall. It’s been a good plan so far. Most mental health professionals only take BCBS, if they take insurance at all. That’s important to us.

Now, also note this: because we are freelancers, we pay ALL our taxes at the end of the year. No one deducts them from our paychecks for us during the year. So we’re currently on a payment plan for last year’s taxes. The monthly payment I make? $300. The monthly subsidy the insurance company receives from the government for my health insurance? Around $400. Interesting, that. It’s almost like I’m getting my own tax dollars back (except I couldn’t afford the insurance if they just gave me that money straight).

My most sincere question to those who want to repeal Obamacare/ACA: Why do you want to take my family’s health insurance away?

(There are cheaper plans out there. I didn’t shop around a lot because I like my deal on this plan and it wasn’t significantly enough changed for me to bother looking at others. If $300 is high for you, there are much lower plans available. No matter how little you pay for however little coverage, if you end up in the hospital for any amount of time, you’ll likely hit your out-of-pocket max and at least not have to foot the entire bill. Some insurance is better than none.)

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