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Vouchers/School Choice: 264 accredited Catholic Schools in Texas in 2012 (accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department, which is a TEPSAC accrediting agency). (Personal e-mail.)

Texas Enterprise Fund/Texas Emerging Technology Fund:

Austin Chronicle, 30 Nov 2012:

The indispensable watchdogs at Texans for Public Justice have been reviewing TEF grants since the program’s 2003 inception and have concluded that the governor’s numbers are – to put it politely – baloney. Perry’s 63,900 number apparently includes every job promised over the nine program years; in late 2011 he was claiming about 60,000, of which TPJ reported (“Con Job,” Nov. 2011), “Putting aside five TEF projects that make fraudulent job claims and a sixth project that appears to be undergoing an audit, TPJ found evidence that TEF had created 22,349 jobs by the end of 2010. That number amounts to 37 percent of the job claims made by the Governor’s Office.”

Of the 65 projects TPJ reviewed, it found that only 17 (26%) complied with their job commitments; 24 (37%) failed to deliver on their original 2010 job promises, 11 (17%) were terminated prematurely, seven (11%) are “troubled” (usually by defaults on job pledges), five (8%, including most of TEF’s largest grants) fraudulently claimed more jobs than they actually created, and one project claimed “new” jobs with hiring dates predating its TEF contract.

That’s not to say nobody in Texas has benefited from TEF largesse. TPJ separately found that “43 companies that landed a total of $333 million in TEF awards contributed almost $7 million to Perry’s campaign and the Perry-affiliated Repub­lican Governors Association [which in turn contributed to Perry’s campaigns]. … The 43 TEF recipients that contributed to Perry and/or the RGA represent about half of the 90 companies that received TEF awards but received 76% of all TEF-awarded funds” (“Perry’s Piggybank,” Oct. 2011).

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