Oh, and one more thing (on Obama’s capitulation on tax cuts)

Where the hell is the political acumen in “compromising” with the Republicans on this issue?

Let them go home to their constituents and say, “Yeah, we wanted to fuck Obama so much that we let your unemployment run out and tax cuts expire.”

I must be missing something here. There must be a larger plan. Like the Christians say about the Holocaust, it’s all in God’s plan — and we little ones just can’t even begin to understand it. That’s how I’m feeling right about now. W.T.F. is going on?

Look, I’ve worked in politics. I just don’t see how screwing the pooch on this gets us anywhere. You couldn’t even negotiate an expiration of the tax cuts for $500,000+ earners? Like those sons of bitches are really going to vote for or against you because you extended their tax cuts. Hell, even the poor-ass Tea Party Republicans hate you, and they’re a bunch of old farts and right-wing nutjobs who are (a) already receiving government money or (b) will never make enough to benefit from continuing high-earners’ tax “relief” (even if they could spell).

I give you props for passing the most significant health-care reforms in decades, but even then you lost your spine when it came to the public option.

Yeah, piss off the base to try to gain the center. Good job. Except that the base that money- and volunteer-bombed your ass into office is probably starting to wonder a little why they didn’t vote for Hillary. I know I sure am. Just a little.

I hope that commie pinko or brain-damaged prick filibuster this bill to death. I want to hear wailing in the chamber on Christmas eve as they talk about Santa Claus not liking deficits and Jesus, the camel and the pin. Dead, dead, dead. I want this bill in flames.

If Bush were in office and wanted these things, he’d have them by now. It’s time to sac up and eat the shit sandwich, Mr. President.

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