What You Missed, 14 SEP 08

What You Missed If You Didn’t Read Today’s The New York Times

1. Read about the guy who used a park bench as shelter during Hurricane Ike. And this guy:

Southwest of Galveston, officers said that one man from Surfside Beach was the only resident who did not evacuate the highly damaged area. He was drunk when they reached him on Saturday morning, the authorities said.

2. Understated Headline of the Week: Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes

3. Interesting:

Experience. In the 2008 presidential election, it’s been a campaign slogan, a debating point and a subject of endless column inches and talk show hours. John McCain and Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin — whose life experiences offer the best preparation for the presidency and vice presidency? Does it help to be a naval aviator? A community organizer? A senator? A small-town mayor? Does one trump another? To answer those questions, the Op-Ed page asked people whose résumés overlap with the candidates’ to explain how the qualities they’ve needed to draw on for their jobs and their lives would come in handy in the White House.

4. I’m looking forward to picking up Dexter Filkins’ new book, On the Ground,about his experiences reporting during the Iraq War; but I’m not a fan of this dry, loquacious review. (Though I do like that the author of the review gave a needed shout out to Michael Herr, my favorite war correspondent.)

5. Sarah Palin’s hair! How many column inches were given to the wars in which we’re embroiled?

6. And a nice little column on dating in the Google era.

Plus a bunch of other stuff you folks don’t care about.

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