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I’ve realized it’s not a good idea to promise myself (and definitely not any readers my delusional mind thinks are out there) that I will post once a day. It just ain’t gonna happen. I’ll keep that defaulted promise in the back of my mind — so maybe it will urge me to write more often — but I’m not going to guarantee anything.

I keep telling myself I need to blog more — stretch my legs (or fingers) again after such a long hiatus from truly active blogging (a few times a week or month not counting). If we remember, I started blogging back in 1998 or earlier (this is before the term “blogging” was in use). But what’s the use in reminiscing? There’s too much to do now.

I need to start blogging again because I need to soon start blogging daily on the TFNblog (which is not open to the public yet).

Anyway, I’m doing my best, I guess. Just not forcing myself to pour out nonsense here every day of the week.


So, as I was writing the last four paragraphs, the people I wanted to talk about first left Dolce Vita. They’d been sitting just next my friend Claire and me. They were discussing how Whole Foods gobbles up Mom ‘n Pop groceries (earlier they’d been talking about how we live under a fascist system and something about grammar). While I’m no great fan of Whole Paycheck, this seems to me to be a late-in-the-game argument: Mom and Pop were in serious trouble — if not already driven out of business — by larger grocery conglomerates far before Whole Foods became any sort of player. You’re about ten years too late, hippies. (Also, how can hippies afford to live in Hyde Park?)


By the way, I’m apparently getting married.


I’ve only been engaged since Saturday and I already hate wedding planning.


Is it normal for one who becomes familiar with the intricacies of Texas politics to start voting against people just because they don’t like who works for them?


Joaquin is eight to ten days away from graduating from Basic Combat Training for the Army. Then he heads to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for AIT for his MOS (88M, Motor Transport Operator).


I suppose that is all for now. It’s starting to rain a little here at Dolce.

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