I need a raise, too.

This post is in honor of “Buck Smith” (aka U.S. Senator John Cornyn staffer David Beckwith), who has recently been outed using a pseudonym to post on Democratic (and possibly other) sites.

In one post (referring to the “Big John” video), he commented:

“I personally believe Beckwith deserves a raise and/or a promotion for whatever role he had in that video . . .”

I want to see if recommending yourself for a raise on a blog works. So here goes:

Hey, TFN, I think I deserve a raise. How ’bout it?

Joe, same for you.

Pate got to get paid, son.

Boy, I hope it pans out well — or at least that I’m not forced to resign my positions in a few weeks when the media/blog heat has subsided.

(If this doesn’t work, I’ll try posting the request on a conservative Web site under anom de plume.)

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