A Note

I’m a little busy making dinner for Misty — she gets back from her business trip to Kansas City tonight — but I just read something McBlogger wrote that I think deserves emphasizing:

. . . I never would have guessed that someone would have problems surviving on a wage that, hourly, barely pays for a gallon of unleaded. [Emphasis Mine]

Think about it. Gas, on average, is $4.06 per gallon. The minimum wage is $5.85per hour. It’s possible, especially for some commuters, to be spending more on gas to get to work than they’re making at work.

But the more important point is: Can you believe we pay people to work for a wage that’s only a bit more than a dollar above what we pay for a gallon of gas? It takes us as long to fill up our gas tank (spending $40-plus) as it takes for a service-industry worker to earn a fraction of the cost of our first gallon.

That’s ridiculous.

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