Noriega Gives You Wings!

Just received a lovely e-mail from the God’s own homosexual-filled Republican Party of Texas:

CONTACT: Hans Klingler at 512/477-9821

Democratic Senate Candidate Noriega Asks “Netroots” Donors to “Step Up” And They Don’t
Dismal Three Day Online Fundraising Effort Further Points to Anemic Start for
Liberal Senate Wannabee

Austin- Today the Republican Party of Texas questioned Democratic Senate wannabee Rick Noriega and the commitment of his “Netroots” community in his quest for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate seat currently held by Senator John Cornyn.  Noriega challenged his “Netroots” community to step up and donate to his campaign to counter the successful events featuring President George W. Bush on behalf of Senator Cornyn.

“Rick Noriega has requested online money help to kick start his anemic campaign from the most liberal left leaning donors of the national Democratic Party.  Apparently with a whopping three day total of $2,045 via the internet these liberal donors don’t find his candidacy viable,” stated Hans Klingler, Spokesman for the Texas G.O.P.

Noriega has been relying on ACTBLUE, a liberal “online clearinghouse for Democratic action”, to appeal to their most ardent liberal base of donors for contributions to help Rick Noriega’s fledgling campaign.  Noriega’s last campaign contribution report filed in early October reported slightly more than $500,000 raised for this campaign.  Noriega is relying heavily on internet support for his financial contributions.

“Noriega and his liberal cohorts targeted $50,000 in three days and raised $2,045.  Basic campaign fundraising would tell you when you undershoot a small online fundraising goal 96% it probably does not portend good things in the future for your candidacy,” concluded Klingler.

Paid for by the Republican Party of Texas
900 Congress Avenue, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78701.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Now go back to the subhead and the first sentence and reread that if you missed the misspelling the first time.

I had no idea Noriega had wings. Too many Red Bulls?

Probably a Freudian slip ’cause they know Noriega is going to sting Cornyn in the ass.

Just for their failure to write correct English (if you can’t speak it, get out of the country!), I’m going to link to Noriega’s online donation page, how ya like dem apples, TRP?

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