Avert Thine Eyes, Warriors!

Religious right wingnuts American Family Association are attempting to get the military to stop selling Playboy and Penthouse wherever fine reading material is sold on bases.

By law, most skin mags can’t be sold in military stores. Playboy and Penthouse aren’t deemed scandalous enough to fall under those regulations, though.

When I was in Air Force technical school, you could have porn in your room as long as it didn’t involve penetration. The service wanted to save penetration for itself. “If anyone’s going to get fucked up the ass, it’s going to be you, airman, with this 24-foot Air Force cock.”

What kind of wacko group — okay, we know what kind, Donald Wildmon’s — would want to keep porn mags from highly armed, young, over-testosteroned soldiers faced with a dearth of real, live females (what’s the ratio of males to females in the military, anyone? Bueller?)?

You’re old enough to kill, son, but don’t touch yourself. You’ll go blind.

A commenter on the story over at Military.com summed it up nicely:

Pornography is one of the things that seperate us from the Islamofacists and Sharia law.

Porno is Patriotic

Damn unpatriotic, troop-hating Christian fanatics.

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